About us*

Evant is a platform for event gamification and analytics. The user-facing mobile app has aspects of gaming, event navigation & community. This event experience is designed by event organizers and specified through our custom web app.
The web app is also where event organizers can monitor live feedback on user activity and behavior.


Chugging along - Jul. 30, 2014

Everyone on the team has their role and is thriving. Lane is building the Android app’s functionality and connecting it with the server. Mike is setting up the server and building the authentication system. And I’m working on this website, the Android app’s styling and getting industry insight and feedback.

Reconfigured - Apr. 21, 2014

The original team got distracted and disbanded. I (Calvin) was gonna go it alone until a couple of capable buddies (Lane and Mike) joined in. We're back at it with a fresh energy. And I'm super excited not to be undertaking this development by myself : ).

Genesis - Nov. 12, 2014

Evant is formed under the name 'event&'. It's an entreprenuership class project at UT Austin. Eddie, Bulat and myself are the developers while Amanda and Laurie are the marketers. We're quick to develop contacts in the event and development community.

Jiggle your mouse or device for animation!


By Calvin Bench