This is the team I worked with in the UX group. I'm the one in the red circle.

The discovery phase of my project involved auditing LabVIEW objects and interviewing stakeholders.

The audit involved inspecting current LabVIEW & future LabVIEW interactions relative to sizing objects.

Then comparing and contrasting sizing interactions between current and future LabVIEW.

I also did a competitive analysis with other software like Adobe and Microsoft products.

The stakeholder interviews involved roles like Interaction Designer, UX Engineer, User Researcher, Developer and Project Manager and focused on themes like 'Gaps & Alignment', 'Concerns', 'Challenges' and 'Why This Matters'.

Interview Takeaways

"Design something that's consistent, discoverable, implementable and meets customer needs."

"I don't want to get a feature in [future LabVIEW] and wish I had [current]."

"Get plenty of feedback and buy in."

The exploration phase of my project involved mockups for 3 solutions.

One of my solutions focused on bringing square handles to the sequence structure sizing box to increase visibility and hittability by adding white space to the sizing hit-zone.

Another solution borrowed from an array object and focused on adding adorners that would allow the coder to add and delete sequence structure frames.

The third solution focused on a right-click-menu item. 'Fit to' would shrink wrap the surrounding structure's borders to the code.

The refinement phase involved directing a developer through building a functional prototype.

This is the design pattern we prototyped. It focuses on sizing handles, dynamic cursors and alternate sizing behaviors.

We didn't have time to prototype this design pattern. It focuses on sizing handles, dynamic cursors and an adding/deleting frames handle.

The proposal phase involved user testing and design suggestions for the near-term and long-term.

With the help of a UX engineer I devised a series of coding steps for users to match during user testing at NI Week.

We also devised goals to determine if:

Testing Takeaways

"Sequence structures run out of space quickly."

"The right-click-menu is the right place for adding a frame."

"The click-space to size frames with the frame-splitter is too narrow."

Based on the user testing feedback I came up with near-term design suggestions to hand off to developers. This is one of them. It involves moving the sizing box from outside to inside with the addition of frames.

I also came up with long-term design suggestions. This describes a comprehensive look at sizing interaction in all LabVIEW objects.

I suggested developing a cursor library to describe various interactions.

With another project I designed this t-shirt for the summer interns.