This was my team minus me plus the professor. It was cross disciplinary, consisting of 1 art major, 3 RTF majors and 2 (myself included) computer science majors.

Because I didn't have experience with game design, I did a lot of research to understand the space. I watched game walkthroughs and played games to familiarize.

We designed and developed with scrum methodology so we used a project management tool called Taiga to help track our tasks, sprints etc.

We went through several iterations in character design, ending with something closest to the character at the right.

I helped ideate character design with design research.

Level design went through several iterations as well. I made sure to apply my design research.

Puzzle design was more difficult than I expected.

I was responsible for making sure the game development guide was in order.

We playtested extensively. Getting user feedback was criticial so we formally playtested at least once per week.

Follow the Github link to view the project. I built with the Unity game engine and coded with the C# programming language.